Kauri Boxes

50mm x 55mm
Ring Box Paua

65mm x 90mm
Trinket Box Inlay

50mm x 55mm
Ring Box Paua (Open)

95mm x 95mm
Bangle Box

175mm x 90mm
Jewelry Box 3

100mm x 55mm
Pendant / Ring Box

We produce a wide range of Kauri Boxes for both corporate and personal use.
Each box has a feature lid.
The inlay is wood. We do not use Paua for the inlay.
Measurements given are the outside of the box and approximate.
Custom-made boxes to your requirements in Kauri.
Please enquire – Email: woodzgood@xtra.co.nz

105mm x 75mm
Playing Card Box

150mm x 95mm
Jewelry Box 2

105mm x 60mm
Business Card Box

265mm x 145mm
Ash Urn

150mm x 90mm
Jewelry Box 1 (Open)

Made to your size
Pet Ash Urn
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