Sushi King


Instruction Sheet

  1. Before using, run the Sushi King frame & press bar under water to moisten them to stop rice sticking. Dry the outside of the frame, do not put wet frame on Seaweed (Nori) sheet -you may need to do this every couple of rolls.
  2. Place the Sushi King frame on a Seaweed (Nori) sheet about a third the way up
  3. Fill the frame about 1/3 full with your prepared rice & insert the press bar in the frame to create the channel in the rice. Then put a layer of rice on top.
  4. Fill the channel with your selected fillings, as the frame fills put a bit of rice down the sides to keep the fillings central. Then put a layer of rice on top.
  5. Insert the press bar flat side down ( it comes off the roll a lot easier if you wet the flat surface) & compress the roll.
  6. With two fingers under the side grips & thumbs on the press bar, lift the frame off the roll. You may need to run a moistened knife between the press bar & roll, but if you moisten the press bar each time this isn’t necessary.
  7. Fold Nori sheet up around the rice & roll it up. If you place a few grains of rice along the last edge it will help stick it down.
  8. Leave for about 5 minutes before cutting to allow the rice to moisten the Nori sheet. This will avoid tearing.
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