Instruction sheet (Minipress)

  1. Before using, run the Mini Press frame & press bar under water to stop the Pate sticking.
  2. Place the Mini Press frame on a piece of gladwrap
  3. Fill the frame about 1/3 full with your prepared Pate mix and insert the press bar in the frame to create a channel.
  4. Fill the channel with your selected filling (egg, salmon,tuna) and put layer of Pate mix on top.
  5. Insert the press bar flat side down and compress your Pate. The bar comes off the roll easier if you wet the flat surface.
  6. With two fingers under the side grips & thumbs on the press bar,lift the frame off the roll. You may need to run a moistened knife between the press bar & roll,however, if you moisten the press bar each time, this isn’t necessary.
  7. Wrap your Pate in the gladwrap and put in the fridge to fully set – approx. 1 hour.
  8. Slice thinly on to your crackers.

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