Roll a flaky puff pastry sheet out a little thinner to allow you to get two rolls per sheet.
Place the sushi frame 1/3 up from the bottom edge of the pastry.
Put you first fill in of your minced chicken or beef. This should be about 1/3 up from the bottom of the frame.
Use the press bar to create your channel and fill with whatever you like. We use little pieces of feta cheese/chives/bacon.
Top up with your chicken mixture and turn the press bar over and use the flat side to press. Be gentle with the pressing when using the meat and chicken filling.
Place two fingers under the bars on the side of your sushi frame, thumbs on top of the press bar and gently lift the frame up and off.
Roll the press bar off the top of your chicken roll and pick up your pastry and wrap it around. Using your pastry brush put a light dash of beaten egg across the pastry sheet to seal the two edges of pastry together. Cut the pastry sheet along the finished edge to give you the next piece of pastry for your second roll.Tuck the ends of your pastry in as if you were wrapping a wee parcel and glaze with your beaten egg to seal everything together. Glaze the entire roll with beaten egg and finish with a few seeds on top. Put a few slits in the top of the pastry roll to allow for heat to escape when cooking. Put your second roll together with the remainder of the pastry sheet.
Bake in oven at about 170 for approximately 25 minutes.*Remember to wet your Sushi King before starting when making your sushi and pastry rolls. This will stop the rice/meat/chicken sticking to the wooden frame. Work with a bowl of water to dip your fingers in to stop ingredients sticking to you and use this water to give the press bar a wipe with water before doing the pressing. This will stop your rice/meat/chicken sticking to the frame when doing the pressing.The chicken filling is made up of – minced chicken, salt/pepper, little onion/garlic, teriyaki sauce, a bit of soy sauce and sometimes, fresh herbs. Put a little beaten egg and breadcrumbs in the mixture to make it a bit stodgy for easy handling. Mix your filling together with flavours and tastes that you like.

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